This is an incomplete collection of my work in various fields that were created in the past. If you want to know more about my works, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Digital paintings (Highcolor)

Most of these digital paintings were created for competitions at demoscene parties, demoscene productions and for other projects. Some of them were awarded with prizes and reached high rankings in the competitions.

Pixel graphics (Oldskool)

These pixel graphics were done mainly in the field of the demoscene. Some for competitions, some for demoscene releases. The target platforms of these graphics are oldskool platforms like the Amiga, C=64 and AtariXL. They were partly created with modern toolchains. In this category the pictures are drawn by placing each pixel by hand using a fixed color palette.


Logo designs

All of these logos were created for demoscene projects, websites, companies, museums, shirts and a lot more.


Demoscene demos / Realtime animations



These are just some of my photography works that got published.

Cloth designs

These designs were created to be printed on shirts. Interested?

Sculpting / Carving

One of my wooden carving works.

Furniture design

These furniture designs came to my mind and I just had to realize them.