Life isn’t serious all the time. You also shouldn’t be.

Well. Sometimes you have to be serious, but in most cases, it’s the better option to keep your humor and see the funny side of life.

Here we go:

My name is Harald Wittmaack and I’m on this wonderful earth for quite a time now.

I work in the IT sector for over 20 years now and still love my job, as I managed to get a position that is constantly changing and evolving.

I admire photography, travelling, taking relaxed walks, mountainbiking, hiking, swimming in the mediterranean sea, experiencing new things and a good coffee in a nice cafe.

Being creative is a major part of my life and I am a dedicated member of the Demoscene, a subculture dedicated to realtime computer art and everything that is related.

Beneath my everyday job, I’m also active in the field of game concepts and also work on several game projects for consoles, mainly the Xbox One.

Want to know more?

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