Xbox One and TCL U58S7806S UHD-TV

I just have put some effort in connecting my Xbox One and my new 4K-/UHDTV called TCL U58S7806S. I got really used to my Xbox One to switch on and off my TV when started using the voice command, but the Xbox One didn’t recognize my new TV out of the box. So I did a little research and testing.

Please note, that I use the German localization of the Xbox One dashboard, so I hope I got the translations of the menu texts right.

  1. When your Xbox One is switched on, go to “Settings” and then “All settings“.
  2. Now choose “TV & One Guide” and jump over to “Device controls“.
  3. Now select “TV” under “Devices” and choose “TV-Setup“.
  4. When asked “What brand is yout TV?” jump over to “My brand is not displayed”.
  5. Now type “TCL” in the field for the brand and finish your input with the three lines button.
  6. Then choose “Next“.
  7. When asked if you need help or want to input the model type, choose “Enter“.
  8. Now type “U58S7806S” in the field for the model type and finish your input once again with the three lines button.
  9. Then choose “Next” and finish the setup of the model.
  10. Now go to the menu “Enter TV-Remotecode“.
  11. Enter “T3779” into the field for the TV-Remotecode.
  12. Then choose “Next” and finish the setup of the TV-Remotecode setup.
  13. Now go up one level / back to the device control menu.
  14. Now choose “Energy options for devices“.
  15. Now go to the options for the TV and configure “Switch/Toggle” (NOT switch on or off) for both options of the TV.
  16. You’ve finished the setup.


Your Xbox One should now automatically switch on your TCL TV, when it is switched on through the power button, a controller of the voice command.

Have fun!