No. I’m not a trekkie and the title is not a stardate!

I’ve just noticed there is a new firmware for my beloved XDA Diamond. The is said to fix some issues, do some performance updates and add some extra menus. If you own a XDA Diamond (O2 branded version), you can download the update through this page. If you use a unbranded HTC Touch Diamond, get the update directly from HTC. Please note, that all your data and applications installed by you will be erased during the update, so keep in mind to backup your contacts and stuff. The data on the internal storage won’t be touched though.

Update: The firmware update was fast and flawless. All applications are already set up. The TouchFlo3D got quite a speedup and the overall performance is much better. TomTom, GoogleMaps, the YouTube application and the other tools provided by O2 are automatically installed. Also the tweaks done with the most current versions of Diamond TF3D Config and Diamond Tweak are still working like a charm.

Conclusion: A very recommendable update!