A new browser.

Google ChromeI just gave the new Google Chrome browser a shot. At first I was amazed of the browsing and rendering speed of this new browser using the WebKit engine. But compared to my favourite browser Maxthon I have to say it just looks and feels to me like a barebone browser and I’m completely unable to set it up the way I want and need it for a optimized browsing experience. But what finally made me deinstall this browser very quickly was the end user license. First of all it creates a unique ID for your installation. Then it sends this ID together with each URL or search query you insert to Google. And also there is a part where you accept that everything you publish and create while using Chrome can be used, published, licensedand is owned by Google. (Update: At least this was the case when I downloaded the browser. It seems they changed/removed this section by now.). Sorry. With these big brother functions this browser is not really recommendable and for me it’s even quite unusable without the luxury configuration Maxthon offers me. Funny is also the whole fuzz that’s made around it. Some even freaked out and made yellow press entries in their weblogs about the browser war to be restarted with this browser. Oh come on. That’s soooooo cheap.