I’m quite satisfied with the results of “Piratenpartei” here in Germany during the election yesterday. I didn’t expect them to come over the 5%, but I think that the 2% are a great result and I think the marketing activities should be continued constantly. I did vote by mail and therefore I had a silent and calm sunday visiting my friends and lateron “chilling” at home.

I started a new C64 picture and should soon be finished with it. It’s refreshing and relaxing to do some good old pixeling again, even if it is on modern hardware using a up-to-date workflow. I first wanted to finish the picture for the Sylesia Party, but didn’t succeed because of a lot of work. I scheduled the sunday evening for the rest of the picture and I think I’ll be able to finish it. I also decided to do more remote entries for smaller parties, because the more releases are on smaller parties the more attractive they are for the masses. Let’s see if this will work.

BTW: I just heard some weeks ago, that my work on the logo and icons for the demoscene radio “Sceneman” is almost superfluous, aswell as the try to advertise it using some flyers on the Buenzli. In the back they decided to rename it to something like “Mudia Art Web Radio”. Well. I’ll think I’ll get rid of my account soon and see what happens with the platform. I think the name was well chosen and had a great marketing potential while the new name is something that just doesn’t stay in the mind. But hey…I wish them luck with it. Give me more time for other things. But I’m quite sad to see the great logo soon be dumped even if I got great feedback for it.

So…enough for today! 😉