Back to the roots.

Yesterday evening I wanted to take a trip to the past and began to set up WinUAE and a complete bootable AmigaOS 3.1 system. I fastly remembered all the old things, but then realized that I have to search, download and install quite a lot of tools. I googled for some minutes and found AmigaSYS, which fastly provides you with a complete pre-configured AmigaOS system. You just need WinUAE, the AmigaSYS archive and the appropriate Kickstart and Workbench versions. After going through the installation process, you have a perfectly usable system that works flawlessly. I decided to return to the Amiga universe and grab some of my old unfinished demoscene graphics and work a bit further on them and possibly also try some other things. Let’s see how this will turn out. It surely will be fun!

BTW: Today is the “Glombiger Donnerstag“, one of the most important days of the Fasnet, which is the correct term for the carnival in this area of Germany. This day will be fun!