Beware. It’s sharp.

I really have to say that I’m amazed of the quality I’m getting from Blu-ray at 1080p. Now I finally know WHY I bought my FullHD 50″ plasma TV back then. Gaming already looks great on it, but the level of detail that is shown is just mindblasting. The first impression of my Sharp BD-HP21S can be described as quite ok when it comes to loading times. I already knew before that the loading times can’t be compared to the DVD. I connected the player using HDMI and the picture is crystal clear and sharp. The setup menus of the player are well organized and easy to use. I already did a firmware upgrade of the player which run through flawlessly. I’ve watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire yesterday evening and compared the picture quality to the third Potter movie on DVD. I really waited quite some time to switch from DVD to Blu-ray, but I really have the feeling that it was the right decision to do so. I’m fully satisfied with the quality…or better: I love it!

Oscar speech:
BIG thanks goes to Lisa for giving my new Blu-ray player a lift home, because I was at work by bike. Without her help this wouldn’t have been possible! :-D :-D :-D