Breakpoint, the biggest demoscene party also seems to feel the effects of the current economical recession. They lost their main sponsor and with him over half of their budget. I personally don’t need things like shuttle service, seminars, party theme decoration and huge competition prizes, while others would surely totally miss it. What I would miss is the opportunity to party with my scene friends during easter. Meet the people I made close friends with, that live too far away to just see them over the weekend. Discuss demoscene things that happened over the year with them. Creatively work together and come together. I really have to say that the demoscene is one of the things that keep me creatively going. Provides me with inspiration and ideas. Makes me developing my skills for me and for the job. But that counts for the demoscene in general and not only for the Breakpoint. But in the end it’s the only event of the year where everyone comes together. At this point they already have enough money to actually make the party happen in some form. Good!