Circus fun.

Circus Carl BuschAfter a hell lot of years I gave a circus visit a shot. I got some free tickets from a good friend and so I went to see the program of the Circus Carl Busch that played here in Ulm. I arrived there around 19:00 together with my girlfriend and some friends. They played from 20:00 until 22:15. The program was really good with everything you expect from a circus (great artists, a lot of nice animals, fun, thrill and not to forget: beautiful women (also great artists)). Overall an evening really worth spent. The Circus Carl Busch is definitely recommendable.

Bad thing of the evening. I missed my personal mystery monday with the season final of Moonlight and EUReKA. Sucks because I just found out that Moonlight is cancelled by CBS and won’t have another season. Damn!