Die fantastischen vier…Tage am Meer. ;)

Lovrecica Beach, Croatia

Mostly Germans will understand the above title being ambiguous. Photos are offcourse available for design projects at www.stock-photos.de. But back to the point: Yesterday night at around 22:30 I arrived back home with my girlfriend from our short trip to beautiful Croatia. We had really beautiful weather during our stay there. We left our home sweet home during the night from wednesday to thursday and arrived at Croatia after a calm trip at around 11:30 at Thursday. We immediately went to the beach at Lovrecica to spend the first hours at the beach. Calm down from the trip. Enjoy the sun and sea. Perfect. Afterwards we began the search for our room which was quite a challenge. Finally we found it and it turned out to be really nice with a beautiful view from the balcony. Lateron we went to Novigrad for our first delicious dinner. We had a big plate of grilled calamari and watched the sun go down. We also went shopping for some vanilla doughnuts and chocolate milk. The next day we started a longer trip down to stunning Rovinj after a nice breakfast at the balcony. We stopped at the Limski Fjord for a short break and some of the vanilla doughnuts. Rovinj is really one of my favourite towns in Istria. I love all the small streets and beautiful buldings and all the art galleries. You also have one of the most beautiful views from the church on top of the town’s hill. We had a nice lunch at one of the numerous excellent sea food restaurants. In the evening we visited the small restaurant at the Park Umag for some food. On Sunday we went to see Porec for a long walk and stopped by for a delicious ice coffee in the coffee bar in the old watch tower near the harbour. We also did some shopping of some rather unnecessary stuff like water shoes that I used later that day when swimming in the sea at the silent beach of the Park Umag that we visited for two hours. Too bad I didn’t get or take with me a snorkel and mask. The sea was nice and surprisingly warm. I can’t tell how much I enjoyed swimming in the sea. In the evening we visited a nice restaurant in Novigrad with quite good food. Sadly my Sweetie’s stomach didn’t like some of the herbs her seafood risotto contained. The sunday was a relaxing and calm day at the beach of Lovrecica. We collected shells. Walked in the sea. Enjoyed the sun and played with some crabs. We once again took dinner in Novigrad near the harbour and the overall calamari bodycount finally got over 40 this evening. Back at our appartment we spent some time on the balcony of our room before going to bed for the last night there. We had to leave the room until 10:00 so we got up quite early, packed up everything in the car and were ready to go. Sadly the family we rented the room wasn’t at home, so we placed the keys in their postbox and a thankfull note on their door. We went to the supermarket to get some stuff for the ride and left these beautiful shores in direction of Slovenia. Lateron we stopped at Postojna to see the sensational caves and get some fast lunch. The ride back home was good and without traffic jams or other problems. Conclusion: A long weekend well spent. Hope to be there again soon.