District 9

District 9 - No humans allowedI just returned home from seeing District 9 (IMDB) in the cinema. Though my friends were sceptical after seeing it I have to say I found it brilliant. I liked the documentary style throughout the movie and I also really liked the performance of Sharlto Copley who played the main character beneath the computer animated staff. This covers the conclusion that the looks have nothing to do with the character and intelligence quite good and shows some of the worst that humans are able to do to “others”. This surely is no science fiction movie for the masses, just because some things are clearly missing there. The humans are not the good ones this time. The aliens surely look frightening, but in the end they are “just people” that want to go home in peace. For me it was one of the movies that leaves the feeling of “I want to know what their future brings”. Some people hate such movies. I like them. They’re inspiring my imagination.

The movie was not what I expected. It was far better. 9.5 out of 10.