Doing pixelgraphics on Chromebooks

Not too much people are still doing pixelgraphics for oldskool or newschool platforms. Since I lately got into PICO-8 programming, I was searching for a possibility to pixel on my HP Chromebook11 that perfectly fits into my small messenger bag when I’m on the move.

I did some research and found Piskel, which is an online sprite and pixel graphics editor that works like a charm and gives me all the simple tools I need for creating my pixel arts.

Only minor drawback: You need an internet connection when using it on the Chromebook or ChromeOS or the ChromeBrowser.

You can load images and through it create the palettes you need inside Piskel.

I started a PICO-8 picture to test it out and up to now I’m very satisfied with the tool.

You need an Google account to log in, but that’s quite ok and convenient I think. Also being on a ChromeOS device once more Google login doesn’t do much more harm.

There are also standalone versions for Windows, OSX and Linux.

Give it a shot!