I’ve just seen the full Nintendo E3 Conference over at IGN and I have to say: I’m more curious than before. Finally a console that features something new. Not just the same console over and over again just with more power and nothing new. If you watch the videos linked here, you can see the exciting new possibilities Wii will offer. I also talked to a demoscene friend that is in a Wii developer team and he told me some more stuff before like the rumble function of the controller (PS3 controller doesn’t even feature rumble) or that the controller itself has a speaker for effects. A quite long trailer of Redsteel by Ubisoft is available through IGN’s Wii-Section where you can also find trailers and infos on the next generation of Metroid Prime, named Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. They also have shown trailer of the cool looking Final Fantasy Chronicles, Super Mario Galaxy, Wii Sports, Excite Truck, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and more. There is also a nice video compilation at the japanese Nintendo site. More on the technical side, the Wii has a stand-by-mode that switches down almost everything, but it still will be able to be online, download updates and so on. Also the online service Wii Connect 24 sounds quite promising. Funny thing beneath: Sony tried to copy the free movable feature of the Wii controller…well…copying is the best compliment. To be honest…I can’t await Q4-2006 to buy it. Well. I spare words for the Xbox360 and the PS3 as they just have shown new games (the usual stuff) and no real innovations. BTW: The official Nintendo E3 website can be found under: wii.nintendo.com.