Fable: Heroes

Through the Xbox Live Marketplace a new title playing in Albion, the Fable Universe, got revealed. If it was by accident? I don’t know. Lionhead Studios has set the product website of the game online in the meantime.

The game will be called “Fable: Heroes” and looks like a fun-mario-party-like-hack-and-slay game. It will be an Xbox-Live-Arcade title and it’s said on Lionhead’s website that the game was born as part of the yearly Creative Day, where anyone working at Lionhead can showcase new ideas. A 5 person team seems to work since early 2011 on the Arcade title.

It is said that you can collect gold, level up your character and get items for “Fable: The Journey” during the gameplay. It will be featuring on- and offline multiplayer for up to four players, time trials and leaderboards on Xbox Live. The character design looks a lot like the hero puppets you were able to collect during Fable II and the screenshots really look like this could be fun.

In the community and the boards a lot of Fable fans are complaining about the direction, the Fable franchise is going, but I think both new games can be a nice addition to the series and I’m looking forward playing them. Well. I also hope that a game similar to Fable III (let’s just call it Fable IV at this point) is also worked on. Concerning the announced Fable games, I hope more infos will be released by Lionhead at the Game Developers Conference that started today. We’ll see!