Facebook? Nice!

Lately I have been discussing with a kind of … let’s be kind … an idiot on facebook that spreaded strange crap full of racism and hatred. All attempts to make him realize how wrong his opinions are were effectless. As I expected, this guy started at a certain point to insult me, writing crap about me and so on. Not that it annoyed me very much. It just seemed to be a kid without any kind of cerebral matter. But when he copied one of my profile photos in his fake profile I thought it would be about time to react. As I didn’t have the rights to look at parts of his profile anymore, a friend helped me to report this copyright violation to facebook, while I was copying parts of his messages and postings into a message to the facebook support. To my surprise it didn’t take too long until his profile got removed and I can only say:

Fight racism! Well done, facebook! o/