Farewell! :'(

Yesterday my good and old friend Sanna still commented on my photos of Vienna. And today she is not among the living and breathing people anymore. Not long ago she was diagnosed a very bad form of cancer with no chance of getting fine ever again. She was still feeling good for quite some time. I phoned with her yesterday. She sounded weak. And tired. But I didn’t think she will reach the end of her life that fast. But possible. It’s better that way! I asked her mum if it is ok, that I write some words in my weblog and she told me that Sanna surely would be fine with me doing so.

She was a very nice person. We kind of shared the same attitude to life. Driven by happiness and the talent to see the good and fun things in every aspect of life. Making jokes all the time. And she was a good friend that was there to listen and to help if needed. She was living very healthy and did a lot of sports. That’s possibly the point that made her live unnoticed with the cancer for such a long time. She loved her life and ironically her most favourite song was “Old before I die” by Robbie Williams. She was only 36. I will miss her. She was a excellent friend.

Thanks, Sanna. For the funny moments. For the great friendship. For enriching my life. Farewell! You won’t be forgotten! That’s a promise!