Could it be possible that Microsoft evolves from the publicly disliked software manufacturer to a stylish and innovative software developer? First of all I’m not one of those people disliking Microsoft just because it’s the market leader. To out myself I really like using Windows and it’s surroundings. Honestly I see no point in switching to a other platform like Apple for example, because it really isn’t any better. Yes I already had an Apple some time before and found out it isn’t more stable and useful than any other computer. The only thing I have to admit is that Microsoft was more the kind of idea hoover than an inventor. But with the new Microsoft Surface, a 30 inch touch screen that allows you to directly interact with data using just your finger, your hands or even your nice glass of latte macchiato (could be too hot though). I’m curious if this will turn out nice actually and really would like to test it and give it a shot some day. Possibly on one of the next computer exhibitions. Surface is said to be available Winter 2007 but there is no pricing information giving yet.