FullHD companion

Today I finally got the replacement for my old CRT monitor at home. Since I noticed in the last weeks, that the flickering of my old 20″ CRT started to act weird and did hurt my eyes, I Packard Bell Viseo 220 DXdecided to get a new monitor together with the new PC. I did some research and already knew that I wanted a Full HD monitor as replacement and today I found a really good offer at the Saturn in Senden. They had several monitors with Full HD resolution, but I finally took the Packard Bell Viseo 220DX with me. It features a resolution of 1920*1080 and a brightness of 300 cd/m2 with a contrast of 50000:1. You can connect it to the PC using VGA or DVI (with HDCP) and it also has a sound plug for the internal speakers. The response time of 5ms is ok. The design is not a blast, but the glossy black finish looks quite nice. Let’s see how well it performs on my current PC this evening. I surely will get rid of my CRT monster this evening aswell.