Google – My Personal Office

Google Office Calendar Docs ContactsLately I’m doing quite a lot of my works when I’m in my favourite coffee spot or even shortly before sleeping in bed. I’m already using the Google Calendar quite heavily for my private planning stuff.

Since I’m becoming more active with private projects again that need some collaboration on documents, I also started digging deeper into Google Docs for doing feedback forms with analysis, collaboration documents with text and spreadsheets and also Fusion Tables to discuss some documents online. After working for some weeks with the whole package of online tools, I have to say that I’m really satisfied with all the tools and especially with the possibility to combine the services.

I would highly recommend, to spend enough time to dig through all the options of the appropriate services to configure them to fit your needs especially when it comes to the views of the calendar and documents. It helps a lot to be more productive. But everyone who worked with a spreadsheet or a word processor before should have no problems working with the Google Docs. It easy, reliable and you can also download the documents in formats you can process in office applications like OpenOffice or Microsoft Office.

As the Google Calendar and the Google Contacts are also highly integrated, I’m able to work on my stuff on the netbook, desktop and also on Android, because there is also a very good app for Google Docs on Android available for free. I think that this is one of the killerapps that makes me feel that my decision to switch over to Android was the absolutely right one.

If you’re interested in being able to work on documents everywhere, you should definitely give it a shot!