Happy easter … soon!

I can’t remember when I started to spend the easter weekend on demoscene parties, which basically are huge gatherings of multimedia artists from all over the world. The last years, I’ve visited the Breakpoint series, before Breakpoint I was at the Mekka-Symposium series and before the Mekka-Symposium series I visited various other parties (Symposium series, Mekka and 680×0 Convention) during easter. After the Breakpoint died last year I almost feared, I have to spend easter at home. But good old d.fox and some more demoscene friends came for the rescue and therefore I’ll spend this years easter at the:


I’m already packing my stuff, which will be less as usual this year as I won’t spend the nights sleeping under the table, but with my beautiful, female company in a comfortable “superior double room” in a nice hotel near the partyplace! Seems I’m getting old? Not really! I’m looking forward to a very nice party weekend! o/