Hochjoch at it’s best again!

What can I say! It was “Hochjoch” time again and it was another perfect day at this skiing area! o/

2014-01-03 08.58.35 2014-01-03 10.26.45 2014-01-03 11.06.03 2014-01-03 11.06.11 2014-01-03 11.06.19 2014-01-03 11.33.15 2014-01-04 21.43.11 2014-01-04 21.44.21

As a huge bonus this time I had the pleasure to team up with some people and do a good tour over the mountain crest and enjoy a really great freeriding session down to the Grasjoch. I tried to correctly adapt the GPS data to a photo of the area: