Hotel hopping and cruising fun

The last few days I was hotel hopping at the Lake Constance. I spent the last two nights in a exclusive junior suite with three rooms (Living room, sleeping room and bathroom), strawberries and champagne for welcome, massages in the room, breakfast on the balcony, free WLan (I fixed and uploaded most stuff of my on the balcony in the sun and there is also a T-Com hotspot that allows me to access the INet freely with my NintendoDS) and a nice pool (where you actually CAN meet celebrities). NOW I’m feeling a hell lot better! Today I was on the road again, drove home shortly, feeded the pets and then drove back to the Lake Constance to a nice hotel directly at a yachting harbour. Oh BTW: Yesterday I rented a nice sportscar (Porsche Boxster) and had a nice short trip with the car to Austria. Cruising through the mountains and towns with this car rocks. Tomorrow I will be heading back to Ulm rather early to get the appartment in shape before my girlfriend arrives back home. ;-)