I just watched the latest episodes of the second season of LOST (IMDB) and I’m still totally stunned of the absolute quality of the plot, the great actors and the perfect mood this tv serie create. I have to admit I got addicted to it! Here are some nice websites connected to LOST: Oceanic Airlines (the airline Flight 815 is from), The Hanso Foundation (financial backer of the Dharma Initiative), oceanicflight815 (another official LOST website), The Dharma Initiative (shows the movie found in Station 3: The swan), Lostpedia (a wikipedia concerning LOST), Wikipedia Entry (A wikipedia entry about the Dharma Initiative Stations) and there are a lot more websites on the action around LOST. This serie managed to catch me much more than The X-Files (IMDB) did some years ago. And also the whole (let’s call it) game around LOST with fake websites, phonelines, advertisements and so on is simply brilliant. It’s like…for real!