I’m starting to plan…

…my weekends for the next months. Some are already reserved for demoparties but I also dropped mails to several people I haven’t seen in ages. Looking forward spending some “more or less nerdy” quality time with a lot of poeple. Thanks for all the invitations I already have received…I’ll try to serve you all. Thanks to all of you, my friends. Here are some fast public replies:

Henrik & Carin:

Thanks for the invitation. I’m looking forward meeting you two again, when your move to England is finally finished. I’ll most definitely do “Spaetzle” for you again as Carin wished! 😀


I’m on low-carb again for a certain reason, so we have to find something other than “pizza”.

Ilina & Sien:

Some day I’ll truely make it to Hamburg again. But this’ll take some time as I’m fully stuffed with work at the moment.


One coffee down…four to go…thanks for the voucher, mate! 😀


I probably won’t make it to the Schiller-Concert in Munich. But we’ll team up again for another event. That’s a promise! Thanks for the call!

To all the other friends around me every day:

Thanks a lot for all the helping hands and ears! You dudes and dudettes truely rock and I’m feeling happy to have all of you as true friends!