Is there a thing from 2010 …

… I would love to get rid of?

Yes. Definately! It would be a book.

To be precise I’d love to get rid of Thilo Sarrazin‘s sickening publication I even won’t write the title here, because in my opinion it’s a pure pamphlet of racism and inhumanity.

I’m not one of these people wishing that the book will be wiped from the market and forbidden. I’m absolutely against the prohibition culture of these times that emerges in Germany. But I feel very ashamed that such a lot of Germans obviously bought this total piece of crap. I really wish … that some day … Mr. Sarrazin has the need to emigrate to another country … and when he actually does, I would personally love to send the appropriate immigration authorities one copy of Sarrazin’s thoughts.

I got sick, reading this unbelievable crap! I got the book for free … I never would pay for it … after reading most of it … I decided to get rid of it and did the only thing it is worth:

I’ve thrown it into the paper recycling bin.

You should to the same!