It’s so simple…

Lately I posted a photo of the speed display of my car I took a photo while driving and someone seems to couldn’t believe und thought it’s a photoshop fake. Luckily he provided a nice sample of how to easily spot if a photo is actually an original or a retouch. Just tune up the gamma to brighten up the whole picture extremely. Retouches are mostly spotable by errors the human being did when changing the picture. Here’s a nice example with the original photo on the left and the clumsy fake on the right:

Nice example of a lame retouch

I may freely quote this particular person for my reply:

So much to the self confidence of some people thinking they’re able to spot the difference between a photo and retouch. Most of the people just think or have a closer look before they talk crap and others are just…erm…dummies. Yeah.