Kinect Fun Labs

Kinect Fun LabsToday I tested Kinect Fun Labs that was just announced at the E3 and released in the last days. At the moment you can try out: Kinect me, Build a buddy, Googly Eyes and Bobble Head. All of them basically feature the same functionality: Scanning you or a object and play around with it and/or share it on the net. Overall these “games” are nothing more than a showcase for the 3D scanning and texturizing abilities of Microsoft’s Kinect. You can build a avatar that looks more real than the ordinary Xbox Live avatars. You can scan all kind of objects, give them eyes and see them copy your moves. Everything is done nicely, but it’s nothing that can keep your attention for a longer time. These are the applications available at the moment. Coming up soon are Kinect Sparkler and the one I’m really waiting for: Avatar Kinect. It will feature a avatar chat and it’s told that even facial expressions are recognised in the chat. I’m looking forward!