Life-Update…the fast way.

Work really got me the last week, so I couldn’t find the time for some updates, but a friend reminded me, so here we go.

Right after the Buenzli we (Nuance) started another demo and the first minutes of the storyboard already look promissing. We had a lot of discussion about our decision to release at the Buenzli and not at NVscene, but afterall I feel it was the right decision for supporting a good party that felt like partying with friends more than ever. What really pissed me off, was the way some people thought they can project their motives and motivations onto us. We’re doing demos for the sake of fun and because it is the art form we’ve chosen to be active in. NO. We’re not doing this because of money and we basically shit on thinking about the possibilities to win a specific competition. Do some demosceners really do this all for the sake of winning? Would they continue to do all this and spend all this time if they wouldn’t win? I really don’t know and afterall I also don’t really care. NVscene was a great event to support the us demoscene and I really like what Gloom, Gargaj and Steeler did there. Nice work and also an important one. But hey. Everyone can decide on how to support the demoscene. So did we. If some people search for bad motives in our decision. Go on. But sadly you didn’t get the point and partly I feel sad for you. Nothing more. Nothing less. I got some mails of people asking if we’re angry on these people. No we’re not. And as said: We’re really looking forward to have some steaks with them at the tUM and show them who we really are.

Enough of that. Well. After a hell lot of time I also cancelled my contract with E-Plus (But honestly it was a really nice time and I’ll surely miss the good service, but they just couldn’t provide me with the cellphone I’ve chosen to buy) some days ago and already ordered a new contract and cellphone at a different network provider. My new phone should be arriving at the beginning of next week and you surely already guessed right: A windows mobile phone again. But more about this next week. And I almost forgot I was on a flea market with my girlfriend today selling some things. It was quite fun and also I was quite astonished what people still have use for.

Now…I’m sitting here. Enjoying the evening. Feeling great. Having some of the new Pepsi Max Energy Limited Edition (Harry – The early adopter of new cola brands) with 66% more caffeine and ginseng flavour. Tastes nice. But compared to my office level of caffeine they surely would have to raise the caffeine level to new heights to create an impact with this new Pepsi. ;-)