LikSang out of business

LikSang, the famous gaming retailer located in Hong Kong declared to be forced to close it’s doors because of several legal actions against them initiated by Sony. Well…here’s my Opinion: What a poor reaction from Sony against a company that is just selling asian consoles to European customers. In my case I’ve got enough of this company. They say that they want to protect the customers from buying consoles that doesn’t comply with European standards? What does Sony think the people buying stuff at LikSang are? Technical idiots? Everyone ordering there KNOWS these consoles are for the asian market and don’t comply to European CCs and stuff. Slowly Sony seems to become the dark side of the force. For me Sony is no longer an option for the future. Sorry. But hey…who cares anyway as the Nintendo Wii will be available soon! BTW: Read more in the LikSang press release.