Lips – No More?

You like singing? You like karaoke? Then you’re probably a fan of the Lips series (Wikipedia) on the Xbox 360 like I am. I really love playing this game and my rankings in the worldwide Lips rankings are not that bad either. But looking in the Lips Music Store shows that the last DLC (DownLoad Content), aka music videos for lips, was released on the 25th of February 2011. And the last released tracks were only tracks contained in one of the retail versions of Lips (Lips, Lips: Number One Hits, Lips: Deutsche Partyknaller, Lips: Party Classics & Lips: I love the 80’s). So, basically Microsoft released no new tracks for the game series for already 4 months! The Facebook fan pages are basically dead and don’t get any more updates! And the list goes on.

There were some rumours that Microsoft registered the domain, but doing a whois on this domain shows that it’s not registered or parcked by anyone at all!

That leads me to the question: Did Microsoft decide to let this great game series die and is planning not to release any new tracks? Will Lips be abandoned and taken out of production?

Anyone having news or infos on this? Class? Anyone? Bueller?