Looking back on 2008.

Possibly it’s too early to do one of those “this happened the last year” entries. But overall it’s been a very great year and I just feels like it’s the right time to write it right now.

Some people became really good friends over the year and I’ve got to know a lot of new people on places you wouldn’t expect them to appear that enrich my life, my opinions and my knowledge. Thanks to all of you. Also thanks to Ingrid who shared her life with me the last years. There also has been a lot of really good new music like Alanis Morisette‘s “Flavors of Entanglement”, The Verve‘s “Forth”, Schiller‘s “Sehnsucht Live” DVD of the last concert tour and surprisingly Take That‘s “The circus”. Also there have been a lot of really great movies in this year I’ve seen together with some really good friends. Almost too much to mention. My personal great game of the year truely is Fable II for the Xbox 360 from Lionhead and RPG genius Peter Molineux.

One of the sentences I remember from the whole year comes from a good friend that said to me “I hope you’ll never change. You’re one of the persons that make me smile and one of the persons that make the world around smile. One of the reasons you so much rock is because you’re not becoming boring with age and you still do what you want and don’t forget how to have fun. You better take good care of you or I kick your ass!“. Isn’t that one of the best things you can hear throughout your life?

The most perfect years are not those you regret they end. The most perfect years are those that make you happily look into the future for the things and people to come. Welcome 2009. But before all that I fullheartedly wish all of you merry x-mas and some really relaxing and nice days. Take care all of you! :-D