Looking forward.

Fable 2 - DLC - Knothole IslandYesterday evening I got almost through the Fable II storymode and I’ve tackled most of the quests (main and sidequests) now. Just one decision in the game is left to complete the main story. I really have to say that I’m still stunned of the beautiful level design, the great graphics, the story and the development of Albion and the characters throughout the game. Luckily I still have some achievements left that are worth getting and the good news is that quite soon there will be a DLC for Fable II on XboxLive with 3 all new quests, more outfits, more weapons, appearance altering potions and more. It’s called Knothole Island and I’m really looking forward to it. I also hope this won’t be the last DLC that will be released for Fable II.