Made my day!

Oh my! I honestly laughed my ass off during the last half an hour.

Thanks for this has to go to the German CDU politician Ansgar Heveling who wrote an horrible article entitled “Netcommunity – You will lose the battle” (article is in German/the given title in this blog is freely translated) in the German newspaper Handelsblatt.

This politician is a member of the enquete commission “Internet and digital society” over here and clearly shows in this article, that he has absolutely no clue what he’s talking about. You get the feeling that he just seeks for attention. Well. He got attention and strong reactions from the internet community. Just read the tweets tagged with #hevelingfacts (German) or amuse yourself with what people have done to his website after finding out, that he has chosen his surname as username and his name as password for the administrative area. You can have a look here, here and here!

Good, I was taking some screenshot while laughing!

I have to say that I basically dislike when other people’s property is touched or even destroyed, but I have to admit I was very amused to see all the “reactions” on the net! 😀