Mountains ahead.

I’ll be off for four days tomorrow morning to relax a bit in the good old Montafon. Some mountain hiking and chilling together with my girlfriend will surely be fun! I don’t have to forget to take my camera with me. I also need some fresh images for my blog header here, so this would be a good opportunity.

Beneath that I wished the system and gpu fans I ordered to silence my old modded Xbox would have arrived by now, but I guess I got one of the slow online shops. Bad luck. But on the other side this week is fully packed with work and a lot of other stressy things already enough. 😉

Born in Flames - Raven - Nuance - Sundown - 2009Not to forget: I was ranked 3rd in the “Newschool Graphics Competition” of the Sundown 2009 in the UK and I’m quite happy with the result. You can see a small version of the picture on the left and a slightly larger version in my demoscene graphics gallery. Lately I noticed that the (what I call) handpainted entries in the newschool graphics compos vanish and a lot of 3d and (let’s call it) fun stuff is showing up. Quite sad to see that there are not too much artists left that seem to be able to actually paint bodies and faces instead of model them with poser or a modeler. But hey…there are still the oldskool graphics compos left where I noticed a lot of the old artists are returning to at the moment. A quite nice movement.