My new mate for photoshootings.

This morning the postman made my day delivering my new phototank to me. I decided to get a Evertech Digimate II-Plus. It features a USB-2.0-connection, easy-copy-function from memory cards to harddrive (without using a pc), backlight-lcd-display for the most important infos, integrated card-reader (for CF, MD, SM, SD, MMC and MS) and a strong lithium-ion battery. It comes with all necessary tools like usb cable, charging cable, manual, driver cd, abunch of screws and a fitting screwdriver. I decided to put in a 2,5″ 60GB harddisc which I bought on eBay for a really low price and split it up in two 30GB partitions. One for the phototank functionality formatted in FAT32 and one as filesafe formatted using NTFS. When connected to the pc it brings up a bunch of new drives in the explorer: One for each card slot and one for each partition. The case looks nice and the transfer rates when using it as external harddisc are of the usual speed. Also a nice feature of the device is the possibility to charge the batteries using the recharge cable or the USB cable. This weekend (or this evening), I’ll see how it does it’s phototank job. Overall it seems it was a good purchase as I got it for a really low price. Quite funny is the German translation of the manual. Gave me some good laughs. Unbelievable how new toys can make your day! :-D