My PS3 launch day schedule

6:00 : waking up and breakfast, 6:30 : Arriving in the office, 6:45 : Start working, 11:45 : Getting some food and lunch break, 12:15 : Continue working, 16:30 : Packing up and leaving the office, 17:00 : Arriving home, 17:30 : Dinner with my girlfriend, 18:30 : Playing WiiSports or Zelda on the Wii, 23:30 : Going to bed. ;-)

I just saw that only guarantees the delivery of the PS3 for the launch day when you order a PSP along with it. This means 800 bucks (600 bucks for the PS3 and 200 bucks for the PSP) if you want to get the PS3 on that day. Nice one. I like that. In my opinion this will also really help the PS3 to fuck up the launch. Makes my day. :-D