Necronomico and myself had the idea to gather the Nintendo DS and DS.lite gamers of our region (Ulm, Neu-Ulm and Alb-Donau / Germany) with a small website. Finally we called it nds-friends-ulm and did a small homepage for it. The domain nds-friends-ulm.de is on it’s way and should be reachable within the next days, but the site already can be accessed here. First gamers are registered, but we want MORE! As soon as we have enough gamers for a nice NDS-Brunch, we will announce the date for it at the approriate subpage. Features of the NDS-Brunch will be: Free NintendoWIFI access through a T-Com Hotspot * Wifi Streaming of the NintendoDS demos (NO illegal copies!) * Original NintendoDS-Wristband as prices * Friendly people bringing their games for nice Wifi download gaming! Just give it a shot and register now!