New Apps on the Xbox 360

xbox live 360 youtube msn videoI finally found the time to test the new apps for youtube, msn video and on my Xbox 360 this evening. First I registered my Xbox 360 over at youtube to be able to access my playlists and favourites on the 360. This works flawlessly’n fast and you get the full youtube experience right in your living room. I also tested the msn video app which is basically the same as the youtube one. You’re able to browse through all the videos, do a full text search and enjoy all the stuff you can find there. The app is for viewing music videos for free. I instantly searched for Depeche Mode and found tons of their music videos. Pure greatness! The user interfaces are altogether well designed and fit the current style of the dashboard. It can be controlled using the Kinect or the controller. I prefer the controller together with the chatboard, because it is the most comfortable input method in my opinion when using the full text search in the apps. I should also mention that all these apps are free and I definitely can recommend all of them! They greatly improve the Xbox 360 in terms of media availability.

Go and get it … it’s a must-have!