Nintendo stops the Twilight Hack.

Wii update 3.3 stops twilight hack and trucha bugThis morning a new Wii update (version 3.3) makes your Wii glow (if you configured your Wii to be online all the time). If you read the notes in the mail notify, you instantly know what this update is for. It disables the possibility to copy modified safegames onto your Wii. This means in particular that you’re not able to use the Twilight Hack (modified safegame for “Legend of Zelda: The twilight princess”) anymore. Therefore if you didn’t install the homebrew channel (or a similar homebrew starter) on your Wii up to now but wish or planned to do so, you should avoid accepting this update. First sources already tell that already installed homebrew channels continue to work though. The update also seems to fix the trucha bug. It is recommended not to install this update until more information is known. More detailed infos on the updates can be found over at HackMii.