No goodbye forever.

Helena and Harry at TagblattThis evening I was out for some cocktails with my two friends Helena and Erika. Helena used to work in the same company for a short time. Both did some modeling for my Helena will move to Erlangen this Monday for writing her dissertation. As ever – being out with these two ladies turned out to be a really nice evening with lots of fun and laughter. We first visited the Tagblatt in Neu-Ulm just some steps away from my appartment and then changed Helena and Erika at Tagblattto the rather new teilbar which isn’t really recommendable (unfriendly waiter. Normally I’m not giving NO tip, but hey. unfriendly? no extra money then!). Last but not least we ended the evening in the Alexandre with some coffee. Sad to see a friend leaving the town, but I’ll surely visit her for a Erlangen town tour soon. Well. Thanks for the nice evening. :-D