Oh noes! I lost the Canon software!

Today I had to set up an automated photo shooting of the scrum meetings in the office. So I brought one of my tripods from home to mount the Canon EOS 1000D we have for office shootings on it. I wanted to configure automated shots every couple of seconds and already knew that the Canon EOS Utility is able to do so. I wanted to install the latest version on one of the spare office notebooks, because the setup has to stay there for the next couple of weeks. Searching through Canon’s download archive shows you only the updater and if you try to to do a clean install with it, the setup process quits with a message that no products for the update were found. After fiddling around a bit (and realizing it would be unrealistic to find the original install CD somewhere in the office) I ended up creating the needed registry entries by myself to fool the updater and it worked.

So, if you lost your Canon EOS driver and application CD, just do the following to re/install all the stuff:

1. Copypaste the following stuff in a textfile and name it something like “whatever.reg”:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00






2. Doubleclick the “whatever.reg” to add the necessary keys to the registry.

3. Download the latest Updater for your operating system over at Canon’s Support Area.

4. Start the updater to install the latest version on your machine.

5. Enjoy! 🙂