YESSSSS BABYYYYYYYY! The German national soccer team did it once again. This time “we” won the match Germany vs. Argentina with 4:2 after a sensational penalty shoot-out. During the normal playing time both teams scored one goal. On Germany’s side, Miroslav Klose scored the equalizing goal in the 80th minute. With this triumph we advance to the semi finals of the 2006 FIFA World Cup. We once again watched the match in the Tagblatt beergarden in Neu-Ulm, this time I watched it together with several workmates. And the table for the next match on Tuesday is already reserved there! Some players of the argentinian soccer team proved to be bad losers and worth to be kicked out by our team. They started a fight. What lamers. Well…what’s there left to sing…oh…I know: “Wir faaaahren … wir faaaahren … wir faaaaaahren nach Berlin … Argentinien – Ihr k