Buenzli 2008At the moment I’m enjoying my time at the Buenzli 2008 in Winterthur, Switzerland. The party is fun as ever and we just released our new demo “Ungol” in the PC Demo Competition. I also took part in the Graphics Competition and we’ll see how this will turn out. Cosmic released a nice wild demo, also under the NUANCE label, so we got quite some releases. More up this evening, when I’ll return home.


Finally I’m back home and we were quite successfull. We’ve won the PC Demo competition with our new demo “Ungol” (POUET, Code: PRO, Graphics: RAVEN (myself) and Music: NOISEFEVER) and also got the seperate jury price handed out by the Buenzli and tUM Organizers. I won the Graphics Competition with my new picture called “The Oracle“. We also won the Wild Demo Competition with our new wild demo called “Octillion“, created by Cosmic. Beneath all that Rayzn got ranked first in the Poker Tournament. Thanks for all who did vote for us in the competition. We decided at the party to use the price money to give something back to the scene and there will be a free barbeque for everyone by NUANCE at the tUM*08. So keep that in mind and visit the Ultimate Meeting!