Photographers and Shopographers

Today I went through several boards to see opinions on several new lenses I plan to buy. Once again I realized there are two kinds of people giving opinions on lenses in these “professional photographing boards”: Photographers and what I call “shopographers”. The real photographers give valuable informations on how good a lens is in the everyday use. On the contrary the shopographers don’t seem to buy lenses to actually take photos but only to do test shots with the lens and instantly start to bash cheaper lenses. These shopographers mostly own expensive Canon-L-lenses, but sadly don’t seem to be interested in actually take interesting photos with it. Honestly. You can do great, touching photos even with any compact camera. You don’t need expensive equipment. It’s not the camera or the lens that creates a great photo. It’s the photographer. And only some minor moments (or if your client needs exceptional pixel quantity and exceptional sharpness) need special equipment. Sadly these shopographers will never realise this.