Pivot – Blog software

Lately I got several mails asking for a recommendation concerning blog software from people thinking about starting a weblog by themselves. Most of them are astonished to hear that I use a blog software that doesn’t make use of a conventional database system like mySQL or PostgreSQL. Since June 2003 I use Pivot, a PHP weblog software storing all contents in the filesystem. It’s working flawlessly for over 6 years and over 900 entries without any major problems or errors. I’m using the software with different users configured for either normal blogging directly from one of my computers or with reduced editor functions for blogging using mx XDA Diamond (Using my O2 data plan) or the Opera for NintendoDS (Free internet at various public T-Com Hotspots). I still use the quite old 1.24.1 Arcee version of Pivot and I really don’t see a necessity to upgrade to the most current version. I also changed quite some things, so upgrading could be painful and I don’t know how good the migration scripts for the database is. I also would have to reimplement my own changes like the “quote of the day” and therefore I guess I’ll wait a little bit longer. But to cut the long story short:

Pivot is a good, stable and fast weblog system that is fully recommendable.