PSP? Not for me.

I checked the Sony PSP now and gave it a closer look. It is quite nice in terms of design, seems to be built really robust and the screen is quite big and crystalclear. But when I looked at the portfolio of software, movies and so on, there is just one thing Sony’s business managers didn’t seem to think about: Why should I buy a quite expensive portable gaming console that only features a lot of games I mostly already played on another console or the pc? Why should I buy movies on proprietary discs that I already have seen and own on DVD and can be only played in the PSP? Why should I waste money for memorysticks I only can use in the PSP? Sorry…but just making the mobile console look cool isn’t enough! I really like technology, but it still has to have something new for me. Something I can see for myself as killer application! Such as “Eternal Darkness” on the Gamecube or the XboxMediaCenter on the Xbox. Something I still can’t find on the Sony PSP. Sorry… 🙁