Relaxed and productive!

I just arrived home from the weekend in the mountain hut in the Allgäu. Concerning the demoscene stuff, I was able to finish the logos for the forthcoming PC demo and even start the logos for the new Vectrex demo. It was great fun and the cabin was quite comfortable and cozy.

Beneath the demoscene fun, I was for some skiing with a friend at the “Adelharz- and Breitensteinlifte“. It’s a quite small ski area, but nevertheless a great one. The tracks were nicely prepared and you had several options where to race down the hills from every lift. When jumping over a hilltop I had a small crash and some bruises still remind me heavily of it. Also one of my ski poles was broken. Have to get new ones. But hey: What doesn’t kill you makes you stroner! And so I made a second attempt on the very same hilltop and made a very nice jump! Yihaa!

2 thoughts on “Relaxed and productive!

  1. Du machst aber auch Sachen. Solange es nichts Ernstes ist, geht es ja noch. Gute Besserung. Oder sollte ich lieber sagen: Ski Heil! 😀

  2. Danke für Beides, Laura! Wird schon. Morgen früh geht’s wieder in die Berge und auf die Piste! 😉

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