Revision 2011 results

It’s been a great party, a very good replacement for the good old Breakpoint and we (NUANCE Demoscene Family) did very well in the competitions! I was part of the team in the following releases: We were ranked 2nd with our demo “Sommerville” (Code: Pro, Music Noisefever, Graphics: Raven) and 4th with our “@party invitation 2k11” (Code: Okeanos, Music: Saga Musix, Graphics: Raven) in the PC Demo competition. We also managed to win the Game competition with our Wii game called “Trailblazer” (Code: Widdy, Add. Graphics: Raven, Sfx: Nightmare). You need a really decent PC to run the demos and a modded Wii to play the game. Here are some screenshots of the releases:

Revision 2011 nuance demoscene releases