Simple Sync Solution for Free: Sync Toy

Today I decided to get another internal harddisc for my home network server, because I wanted to avoid switching on the external harddisc every time I use the media center in the living room. I decided to get the 3TB model of the Western Digital Caviar Green series for it. It’s not the fastest drive around, but it has other advantages. It uses less power than other drives, is extremely quite compared to other models and doesn’t get as hot as other harddiscs. It was a bit tricky to integrate in my rather small mini tower, but it finally worked and I moved the contents of my external device to the internal one.

Now the external harddisc will be used as a backup storage and so I searched for a easy way to sync my files between the two harddiscs. After some minutes I found that Microsoft has a tool that does exactly what I need. It’s called Sync Toy 2.1 and is available for x64 and x86 platforms. It’s very easy to set up and does the job very good. You can chose from three sync modes (Synchronize, echo and contribute) and have several more features that should help to cover most needs in home backup/sync.

Conclusion: Nice tool. Thanks to Microsoft!